Navigating the QBO home page

Here are 10 things you can click on the QuickBooks Online Home Page to help you become more efficient.

  1. QuickBooks logo
    What it does: clicking on this takes you back to the home page from anywhere in the program.
  2. Welcome Guide
    What it does: gives you step-by-step instructions on basic QuickBooks Online tasks.
  3. ‘X’ to the right of the Welcome Guide
    What it does: once you have started using QBO, deleting this section gives you back some screen space.
  4. Your company logo or name
    What it does: if you ever want to change your company logo or name this allows you to do so quickly.
  5. Private mode switch
    What it does: hides sensitive financial data, especially useful in public situations.
  6. Any bank or credit card account
    What it does: see a list of all recent transactions for that particular account.
  7. Any bar in the Income section
    What it does: gives you a filtered list of open, overdue, or paid transactions.
  8. Activity feed filter
    What it does: show only invoices, estimates, payments, or expenses.
  9. Date range picker in the Expenses or Profit and Loss section
    What it does: allows you to easily change the date range of these reports.
  10. Any pie slice in the Expenses section or bar chart in the Profit and Loss section
    What it does: gives you a transaction report for the expense category you click on.
QBO Home Page
QBO Home Page

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